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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Dangal Movie Review - Aamir Khan and four Youngsters Nailed it


Aamir Khan, the name of Perfection, Dedication, and Quality, has again rocked the last moments of 2016 by his movie Dangal which is released today 23 December 2016. His films have set a record of being inspirational in every case. Before writing this review let me tell you that Dangal is not a film based on the Love, Romance, and Action that has become the trend in Bollywood Cinemas now a days. 

Dangal is like a Challenge for Aamir Khan as everyone knows that 2016 has not been very kind to Bollywood Industry and DANGAL holds a Good Expectations on his shoulders.

Before Starting I would like to clear a Doubt that should be in every mind that DANGAL is not similar to SULTAN as both the movies are based on Wrestling. Dangal is based on a True Story of Mahavir Singh Phogat, who trained his daughters Geeta and Babita and made them world class wrestlers.

Dangal is the story of a Wrestler  Mahavir whose sole dream was to win Gold for India in Wrestling and since he was not able to achieve that so he decided to train his son for the Gold Medal but unfortunately he was always blessed with daughter and feels that his dream will not be completed. 

But one day he gets to know that his young daughters Geeta and Babita had an argument with neighborhood boys and both of them bashed them very badly. On that day he realized that Gold is always Gold it doesn't matter that whether a Boy wins or a Girl and then Mahavir decides to train his young daughters and finally made them Gold Medalist.

The Girls initially gets irritated and find it tough to cope with the crucial training but soon became realized that how his father was struggling with the community to for them as in a country like India girls are always mean for Marriage and all and this becomes more familiar when it comes to a State like Haryana as Haryana has one of India’s worst child sex ratios and a horrifying track record in the matter of female foeticide and infanticide.

Bahut ho Gayi Pahelwani ab DANGAL hoga 

So this was the movie in part one before INTERMISSION 

Each and every part of the film has some lesson in Dangal ✌ The second part shows the Geeta and Babita who now grow up and became their own persons. Getta won the National Championship and was sent to National Sports Academy (NSA)  for further training where she was mistaken by his new coach and also filled with over-confidence, and she messed with her father who was her early age trainer. 

Later she realized her mistake and started with new inspiration and become focused on her training in NSA following her father training methods instead of her new coach.

As Every story has Climax and again it's time for the climax in DANGAL. Director Nitesh Tiwari has beautifully directed the Climax Part. 

The Climax part begins when Geeta gives credit of her win to her DAD instead of Coach, and this lead the feeling of jealousy and he starts planning to separate the Dad and Daughter in the match to attract the audience and finally in the Final Match he manages to Lock Mahavir in a Room with the help of a man who was working as Watchman in the CommonWealth Games.

The Story Ended With the win of Geeta as Wrestling Champion and Playing of National Anthem of India.

Geeta and Babita are Commonwealth Games gold medallists, and Geeta is the first Indian woman wrestler to have ever qualified for the Olympics.

Aamir Khan as Mahavir Singh Phogat has become the center of attraction of the whole movie because of his single-mindedness which brings him into conflict with his wife, his community, the country’s sporting establishment and ultimately, even Geeta, But Finally he prove himself as a good Father and Good Trainer with the win of GOLD Medal by Geeta in CommonWealth games 2012.

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Final Words

Dangal is like an inspiration for everyone and especially Sports where silver is the second best but aiming for the Gold is nothing wrong. Not only Sports we can relate it to our Daily life also that there are always failures but instead of stopping ourselves we can aim for something better.

I and giving Dangal as 4.5 Stars and recommend you to watch this movie as it can be the best movie to watch in 2016 and to start 2017 with lots of inspiration and motivation.

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