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Monday, 9 October 2017

Seven Best Ways to be a Healthy Blogger


So you are a blogger Or You want to keep yourself healthy even when working for long hours?
In any situation, your health should be your top priority. When you are not fit, then you can`t work.

Health is the major issue in today`s world. People are getting more and more gadget friendly, and this makes them keep themselves busy on their laptops and Smartphone all the time. Which is really not good for health?

This is also true when it comes to blogging. In a bloggers life, he spends most of the time in front of laptop/computer and sometimes he even forgets the sleep and eating. This brings appalling health issues and causes his not only lose of health but wealth also.
So today I am going to share about how you can be a good blogger?

1) Right posture:

I have seen many people who complain about a backache after sitting long hours in front of the laptop or computer.
The thing is that you are ignoring the right posture.
When you sit in front of a laptop or computer your head should always be above the screen of the system. Second always sit straight, do not lean on the computer.

2) Take regular breaks 20:20 Formula:

When you keep on working for long hours on your blogs or social media promotions, you forget that after some time you are actually hurting your eyes. Keeping eyes on the system for a long time cause dryness issue, which is common these days.
To avoid such issue, you need to use 20:20 formula. It has been recommended by eye specialists that your should keep your eyes away from the system after every 20 minutes and look as far as you can for at least 20 seconds.

3) Avoid unhealthy food:
We all are habitual of eating unhealthy food or fast food, which is really not good for health. When you eat fast food and sit on your system for a long time the food never gets digest properly and create issues such as high cholesterol etc.

4) Drink more water and juice:
When working as a professional blogger. You may avoid drinking water. You should know that water and juices are the best thing for your muscles. They keep them lubricated and save you from muscles pains.
The more water you drink, the more unhealthy liquid you pass out of your body. Juices also help to bring you more vitamins which you need for your body.

5) Spend some time under Sun or Sunbath:
It is a common habit that when a blogger works on his system he spends most of the time inside his room. This cause serious health issue if he keeps on avoiding going under the Sun.
This can also cause the high deficiency of Vitamin D, sometimes it goes that worse that it cannot be covered by going under Sun anymore and you need to take medicines.
So it is always better that you should spend some time under Sun because it is the natural source of Vitamin D which is really necessary for the health of your bones.

6) Exercise:
Exercise is good for every single person even if you are a blogger or not. You should do exercise regularly. You can do running; rope skipping, cycling or even can go to Gym.
I have seen many bloggers complain that they do not have time for exercise.
You should understand that for it is for your own health, so you should never skip it.
Even if you do not have time to go to Gym you can do cycling when going to shops or some other places. Cycling is really good exercise.

7) Stop wasting time on the Internet:
Being very busy is another kind of laziness. Some people have a bad habit to waste time on the internet. They always say that they are busy but actually they are just chatting or looking at the walls of others.

Pro TIP: You can Also Try Playstations for some stress removal. See Playstation 5 release date and Get ready with your New Playstation.

Final Words

The more time you waste on the internet, the more time you need to sit in front of your PC. This also causes health issues.
If you follow above tips, you will surely live a life of a happy and healthy blogger.

Don`t you want to be a healthy blogger?
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